Thursday, November 25, 2004

Abusing the Method

Why is it that any time a scientific study is quoted by a movement conservative like David Limbaugh, you just know that the study is garbage? In this instance, Mr. Limbaugh is trotting out the tired old claim that a "statistical correlation" exists between abortion and breast cancer. This is old news, or rather, the refutation of this claim is old news. But a moment when science seems to be on his side is simply too precious to abandon. Better take advantage while he can.

The annoying part, of course, is that in reality he has no respect for the scientific process. It is merely a tool to be used when it helps his cause and abandoned and/or disparaged when it stands in his way. In this instance, he chooses to report the original study without mentioning that subsequent studies and peer review have completely contradicted the original claim. Mr. Limbaugh is a fair weather friend to the scientific method. Be sure to remember that any time he or any of his ilk use science to buttress their case.
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