Thursday, November 18, 2004

What to Do If You like What You See

So -- you like what you seeā€¦

Well, first, let me say that I'm very flattered. I, like most bloggers, put a lot of work into what you see here and your approbation is part of what makes it worthwhile. For that, I thank you.

And if you were willing to lend a hand in this endeavor, I thank you all the more.

The problem that I, and all new bloggers, face is that of traffic. People begin this process for a host of different reasons. But, they all stop for the same reason -- low readership. At a certain point it becomes impossible to maintain the energy and discipline required when the room is empty.

Therefore, the first thing that you can do is to continue to visit. Of course, it's my job to make sure that it's worth your while, and that is something that I will do for as long as this project lasts.

Once you've decided that this place is worth your time, you can help me promote it in a number of different ways. Primarily, this involves telling people that the blog exists. This is a simple as sharing the URL. Also, you can e-mail posts that you like to other interested parties. In fact, at the bottom of each post, you will see an icon of an envelope. Clicking on that will allow you to e-mail directly from the site. If you plan on introducing the site to a blog neophyte, consider e-mailing this post to them, as it will give them a brief overview of what's going on here.

If you are yourself a blogger, then you know what I want: linkage, linkage, linkage. If you link to something here and you are not registered with Technorati (why aren't you?), be sure to let me know via e-mail. And don't be shy about using the Trackback feature. If you don't have Trackback on your site, consider adding it (I'm using Haloscan) -- you won't be sorry. Finally, I would be honored to find a place on your blogroll, which you can do it manually or, if you're using BlogRolling, by hitting the Blogroll Me! link on the left sidebar.

That's it. If you find a little time to increase my blog's exposure, you are literally extending its life. And, believe me, that is no small gift.

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