Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Why of the Blogroll: Eschaton

In the fall of 2003, as the ramp up to the 2004 presidential elections was getting underway, I awoke from my political slumber and began pumping the Internet for information. After spending an afternoon plugging political keywords into Google, I noticed that one domain was popping up in my results list time and time again. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I was compelled to investigate this mystery web site.

That was my first trip to a blog and how I discovered Eschaton.

Atrios (the pseudonym under which Eschaton is published) has since the inception of his blog become one of the premier voices for progressivism on the Internet. His style is defined by his brevity, his razor wit, his passion, and his infatiguability (often posting as much as 20 times a day). No issue of significance escapes his notice, nor can its implications be completely understood until he has had his say. In a sense, he is an invaluable news aggregator for the liberal news consumer. He is unapologetically partisan, frequently sponsoring fundraising efforts for the candidates he favors. Yet, he remains honest and fair, never sacrificing principles for victory.

In short, no liberal's journey into the "blogophere" could be complete without a healthy stay at Eschaton.

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