Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Why of the Blogroll: Legal Fiction

If you spend any time here you'll quickly realize that I have a serious man/blog-crush on Publius of Legal Fiction. Unlike many of the other members of the blogroll, Publius uses the form to go beyond simple news aggregation. For him, current events serve as a launching pad for in-depth and insightful analysis and commentary. He posts with less frequency than some (usually no more than once a day). However, what he lacks in quantity he more than makes up for by producing thoughtful and lengthy entries that never fail to redefine issues in novel ways.

His legal background makes him an invaluable resource when attempting to unravel the legalese of a judicial ruling. But his expertise is not limited to the world of law, extending deep into the world of foreign-policy and the culture of the American South. He's also not above discussing theoretical mathematics or Intelligent Design. In short, you never really know what will turn up there.

Finally, many bloggers seem to irrationally detest conservative principles. Publius, on the other hand, approaches the opposition with an exceptional level of balance. To him, conservatism is a rational and logically consistent political philosophy that has its honest adherents. He makes his opposition to conservatism known, but he accords it an exceptional amount of respect when it is due. And when dishonest conservatives start making noise, all bets are off.

Ultimately, you won't find a more enlightening voice anywhere in the blogosphere.

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