Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Why of the Blogroll: Political Animal

Kevin Drum began his blogging career as an independent under the Calpundit banner. As the name implies, he would occasionally deviate from national issues to discuss those relevant to California. Eventually, through his insightful writing and vast knowledge resources, he attracted a large enough audience to be noticed by The Washington Monthly. He was brought on as their resident Political Animal, and he has resided there ever since.

Kevin's politics, while indubitably liberal, tend toward the center. This moderation allows him to present a clear view of current events. He breaks complicated stories, such as Social Security reform and Bush's National Guard service, into clear and concise essays summarizing the relevant issues. He's been known to allow facts to lead him off the liberal reservation. He even gives props to mainstream journalism.

But it's not all politics with Kevin. Sometimes it's an episode of 24. Sometimes it's an episode of Survivor. If it's Christmas time he presents book suggestions. During Wimbledon he's got a post on tennis rackets. And I don't know if he started it, but I never saw any version of Friday Pet Blogging before I saw Kevin do it.

In sum, he's a great writer who should be part of any healthy blog diet.

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Update: Kevin has now confirmed his pioneering role in the establishment of Friday Pet Blogging. Be sure to update your records.
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