Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Why of the Blogroll: Talking Points Memo

Josh Marshall is that which most bloggers wish they could be: a successful print journalist. As you would expect, his work reflects his professional pedigree. His blog is the product of a considerable amount of original reporting, much more so than his peers. He was also the first blog that I saw do "road-blogging" -- from the New Hampshire Democratic primaries. He frequently updates his page, alternating between brief commentary and extended reportage/analysis. Stories literally evolve over a series of posts, developing over the course of a day or over several days.

But his journalistic background doesn't prevent him from taking advantage of the medium. His writing is passionate, sarcastic, and, where appropriate, merciless. He runs reader contests, instigates and organizes small-scale congressional watchdog movements, and publicly duels the evil minions from the dark side. He doesn't shy away from complex discussions or inside the Beltway politics, so he's more of an investment than your typical news aggregator. But you'll never regret the time spent there.

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