Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Why of the Blogroll

As someone who has been hooked on blogs since the fall of 2003, I am often asked two questions:

1. Why do I read blogs?

2. Which blogs do I read?

In practice, I find that these questions are best answered by addressing the following:

Why do I read the blogs I read?

Therefore, I've attempted answer this question here. Below, you'll find links to a brief description of each of my favorite blogs. They're all special creations, each serving a unique role in my intellectual universe. Many I admire and emulate. Some entertain and amuse. Others I detest with a passion matched only by the heat of a thousand suns. Regardless, they each in their own way explain why I believe the so-called "blogophere" is an important step forward in the evolution of human communication. I encourage you to not only read my descriptions, but to ultimately click through to the blogs themselves to see what I'm talking about. If you enjoy them only half as much as I do, I guarantee that you'll be glad that you did.

And without further ado:

The Why of the Blogroll: Eschaton
The Why of the Blogroll: Intel Dump -- coming soon
The Why of the Blogroll: Legal Fiction
The Why of the Blogroll: Mark A. Kleiman -- coming soon
The Why of the Blogroll: Political Animal
The Why of the Blogroll: Talking Points Memo
The Why of the Blogroll: Tapped -- coming soon
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