Thursday, December 23, 2004

History Is Not Bunk

Tom Friedman reaches down from his palace on high to lecture the poor, unwashed, pacifist masses:

However this war started, however badly it has been managed, however much you wish we were not there, do not kid yourself that this is not what it is about: people who want to hold a free and fair election to determine their own future, opposed by a virulent nihilistic minority that wants to prevent that. That is all that the insurgents stand for.
Is he really saying this? Is he really telling me that the fact that our intervention was based upon a false premise no longer matters? Is he really saying that its mismanagement is irrelevant to the present situation? Is it really all about good guys and bad guys now? I think not.

I don't know where Tom Friedman is getting his information, but to my knowledge no mainstream voice speaking in opposition to the war effort is heralding the methods and goals of the insurgency. Opposition is based ENTIRELY on the initial false premise and on the mismanagement of the endeavor. Without both of these historical precedents, the insurgency he despises would not even exist.

Personally -- I never wanted this war. But when my opposition could not prevent it, I prayed that somehow a noble end would be achieved. The implication that my "failure" to recognize what "the insurgents stand for" is somehow responsible for its success is absurd and offensive.

Kevin Drum has a much more accurate assessment:

Even war enthusiasts ought to agree that you either fight a war to win or you don't fight at all, and the Bush administration has made it clear they're not willing to take the political risk needed to increase troop strength enough to put down the insurgency and stabilize Iraq, a step that everyone agrees is a precondition for democracy. Don Rumsfeld won't do it because he wants to prove he was right all along about using a small, light force, and George Bush won't do it because George Bush never changes his mind — ever.
As they say (or should say, anyway), the buck stops here. There is no blood on my hands.
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