Monday, December 13, 2004

Wish I'd Said That

The liberal dominance of academia is a well-documented phenomenon. Not that it needs to be (well-documented, that is), since anyone who has been to college will tell you that. But, I suppose more data is always welcome. The interesting thing, though, is not the existence of the phenomenon, but the reaction to it. And specifically, the Republican/conservative reaction. I mean, it's really bizarre. For more on this, check out this Jonathan Chait commentary (via Nick Confessore over at Tapped).

You know, when I'm in a roomful of experts I have a tendency to defer to their judgment in their area of expertise. Otherwise, I end up looking like kind of a jackass -- something I avoid when I can. Apparently, the modern conservative movement has no such fears. At any rate, Chait's commentary basically says it all. I'm just envious that he said it first.
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