Saturday, January 29, 2005

A Moment

I've been consumed by local events this weekend and the blog is paying for it. It will probably be Monday before I can post anything of substance. However, I couldn't quite let the Iraqi elections come and go without chiming in, even if only briefly.

This isn't the moment for Iraq, but it is certainly a moment. A successful election will not signal success for our policy in Iraq, but it could forestall the civil war that sometimes seems inevitable. As I write this, polling has begun and there have been no reports of violence. If that holds, the first step out of the darkness will have been taken. Then, the election's validity and legitimacy will need to be evaluated. If that also holds, there may be a chance for peace and, in that chance, life.

Personally, I don't pray. Yet, in this moment I find myself wishing that I could. The people of Iraq have suffered so greatly over the years and this moment, regardless how it came to be, is a moment of hope. So often, as we express our rage against the folly of the Bush administration, we forget what is going on there and what this is really all about.

Beneath the sound and fury, this is about the people of Iraq and their future. Let us, at least for today, remember them.
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