Monday, March 28, 2005

I Have Arrived

When I began this blog, I had in my mind a few preconceived indicators of success. Obviously, one was establishing a readership (and as this milestone demonstrates, we're on our way there). But, another important measure exists. And recently, we achieved it.

Apparently, this post (and the comment thread that ensued) pissed someone off so much that he decided to dedicate some of his valuable blog real estate to the goal of demonstrating its folly.

What a badge of honor! You know, we bloggers toil in relative obscurity, hoping against hope to be noticed and, in some way, valued. The fact that an ideological opponent has deemed me worthy of such attention makes it all worthwhile. To this gentleman I would say many things. But, most of all, I would say the following.

Thank you!

And, for the rest of you who may not be so interested in such blogospheric-cattiness, never fear. New content of substance will appear later today.
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